Marathon ISD

Marathon's pubic school challenges were the primary reason TMF began in 2010.   Please see its excellent website for details:

TMF awards an $8000 scholarship to any MISD student who attends all four years at MISD High School. We have also funded an additional two years for students who choose to pursue a Masters Degree.  This program began in 2012. 

In addition to college scholarships, we have awarded: 

2023: - $18,000 which including funding new HVAC system 
          - $3000 to support students in 4H Livestock show
2022:  - $3000 to support students in 4H Livestock Show
2021:  - $2000 contribution from M2M
            - $2000 to support students in 4H Livestock show
2019: - $2000 contribution from M2M
          - over $24,000 grant for the MISD elementary playground,                      supported by generous donor funding   
2018: - funding for MISD school lunch program, and  M2M contribution
2017: - support of MISD school lunch program
          - $8000 in wildcard scholarshiop for student/teacher continuing             education  
           - $10,000 grant for new Marathon Colts (pre-K) building
2016: - over $18,000 support for school lunch program
​           - $10,000 grant to start the pre-K program
2015:  - support for school lunch program
2014: - funded marketing campaign for MISD in regional newspapers
2013:  - funded school trip to attend summer Airport Camp in San Antonio
            - funded faculty signing bonus
2012:  - faculty bonus grant of $14,000 ($1,000/faculty or staff) 
            - funded MISD Teacher of Year award of $2000
            - funded faculty signing bonus
2011: - grant of $5000 to superintendent discretionary funds
           - funded faculty signing bonus for 3 new teachers
           - funded $4000 for technology improvements and new server
           - funded $2000 Teacher of the year award
           - funded $44,000 for refurbishment of elementary school                  playground  and planting of a tree (generously supported by the                 Brown Foundation)