Marathon Health Center

Grants awarded
Equipment grant in 2011 and 2013
Support for operations 2021,2022, 2023
Support for EMR training 2021

The Marathon Health Center, through hard work of many but most particularly Marci Roberts, TMF's executive director for 12 years and now retired from that position, has been expanded to include telehealth services, holistic health services such as yoga and pilates, and community meeting space services.  There is no local doctor in Marathon, so the telemedicine services can allow Marathon residents a direct connection to physicians, dentists and specialists.   

Much of the contributions and grants that TMF has made to the Health Center come from a restricted endowment generously provided by the Harte family.   We continue to be very grateful for their support.  

The maintenance of the building is managed by the board of the Marathon Primary Care Services.

Marathon's annual marathon (M2M) is the clinic's main fundraiser.  Secondary M2M funds also go to the Fire Dpt. and Marathon ISD.

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Address: 101 Post Road, Marathon TX

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