The Marathon Foundation was created in 2010 by several local ranching families to support the town of Marathon, Texas.  Its initial efforts were primarily focused on the Marathon public school, but its mission has since expanded to include all entities that contribute to the  community's welfare and success.  It provides grants to public and private organizations in and around Marathon, as well as college scholarships for its high school graduates.  We are a 501c-3 charitable entity. 

The Foundation board members are Claudia Huntington, Bruce Blakemore, Marshall Miller, Prentice Miller and Paige Shafer.  Michelle West is our Executive Director.  
Our email address is marathonfoundation@gmail.com; our EIN number is 75-3518399.

Please visit the pages on our website for descriptions of the organizations we have supported in Marathon.   If you are interesting in contributing, we thank you in advance and please know that even a small donation can make a big impact on our community.  Thank you and read on!